of Our Journey

Our Story

To support the one who is suffering from poverty without any supports from external sources and to compensate them financially and psychologically for enhancing their lives towards the betterment.

Empowering our Community that is benefit of support and strength at all levels, so that they will be regarded as most required individuals to effect a change to be recognized.

Vision of Establishing Vivekananda Community Foundation and its achievements Vivekananda college of Technology plays a vital role on enhancing the technical skills and knowledge of Youth who have been recognized with different backgrounds such as, unskilled/lack of technical skill, unemployed parents, orphans or extreme poverty or below poverty level, etc. By means of enhancing their technical and technological based skills, skill oriented trainings are being provided to the youth in order to ensure their employment through which living standards are being anticipated to be uplifted.

Along with the concern of trained students from Vivekananda College of Technology (VCOT), partnership organizations, and donors, ‘Vivekananda Community Foundation’ was established with the theme of ‘Social Responsibility Services and Well-beings’. For that, trained students, Donors, Community well-wishers, volunteers and expert lecturers joined together towards the ultimate theme of the Vivekananda college of Technology to cherish it.

And also, it was modified again as “Social Empowerment for transformation” and developed where all the participants focused the growth of society to form a unit in order to reflect the social responsibilities and the attention on needed youths towards their blooming future.

Therefore, Vivekananda Community Foundation is one of the resources to care the youth in a better manner. Moreover, students who continue their education in different Divisions and Villages are thoroughly gone through along with their problems & challenges and recognized systematically. Finally, they are handled by the resource people/counselors attached to the Vivekananda College of Technology to solve their challenges, peacefully.

Here, the fulfillment of one’s need is vital to enhance the improvement in society. As the result, society would be empowered by the services carried out by the Vivekananda College of Technology with the assistance of grants, help and support to the needed ones on right time and place.

Our Values


Social Empowerment for Transformation.


Empowering our Community that is benefit of support and strength at all levels, so that they will be regarded as most required individuals to effect a change to be recognized.


Keeping in mind the destitute children, poverty stricken students, misguided youth, the isolated elderly and the differently-abled, languishing in homes - providing them mental support, counselling and guiding them on to earning a livelihood by facilitating employment opportunities. Thus uplifting the economy of the Community, enhancing educational standards and improving the standard of living.

Our People

Administrative Body

Executive Authority Board:

Board consists of 15 members including Executive Director, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Project Consultant, Finance Consultant, Advisors, Auditor, etc. All the project plans will be implemented by the Authority Board.

Legal Authorization

Registered as a Voluntary Social Services/Non-Governmental Organization under Voluntary Social Services Organizations; Registration and Supervision Act No. 31 of 1980 (as amended by Act, No.8 of 1998) in Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

Legal Advisor

Ms. Diana Sujeewa Florington (LLB)

Auditing and Monitoring

Stephen James Millers,
Chartered Accountants,

Strategic Planning and Guidance

VIJAY Management Consultants | Colombo

Supporting Body

The advisory board consists of 10 members.

Donors and partnership organizations for Local and International.

Beneficiaries (Local Government Bodies, Educational Institutions, Orphanages, CBOs)

Utilization of Funds in 2022

Programs | 90%
Admin | 7%
Fundraising | 3%

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