Children Care Program

It has been aimed to focus the Children either who have lost their parents (Parentless children) or left apart from their parents in order to facilitate their future and career plans towards their betterments.

* Assisting the Children Homes who have taken care on the children along with those above categories.
* Providing meals and compensating their needs on Birthdays, special memorial days, etc.
* Aiding and facilitating the children by adopting them fully.
* Conducting activities such as programs on psychology, livelihood development, life skills, guidance on career path, etc.
* Supporting them to the afternoon classes and Spiritual based “Aranery” Classes.

1.1. Providing Special Meal
1.2. Providing Nutrition Food
1.3. Sponsor a Children
1.4. Organizing Preschool During Day Time
1.5. Providing for Basic Needs for Orphans Centers (Dress, Medical)
1.6. Developing Support for Orphans Centers
1.7. Counseling and Guidance workshop for orphanage homes


Students Empowerment for Transformation

There are several causes creating lower performance in education where poverty is one of them. Therefore, it is essential to point out the facts which cause the barriers in education and assist them either fully or partially by developing such activities and events in order to enhance the literacy rate and performance in education. Through which, it is expected to guide them towards their enhanced performances.

* Children under the poverty crisis will be recognized and adopted by a sponsor parent/ philanthropist and would be supported with school stationaries and guidance/aids to the education.
* Offering stationaries to the school students for the education
* Recognizing the challenges faced by the school administration and students during their study period and to adjoin the donors to facilitate their issues to mentor it further
* Conducting education related workshops and seminars during the needed times.

2.1. Sponsor a Student
2.2. Education Development Plans
2.3. Special Assistance for Educational Development
2.4. Educational Seminars


Youth Empowerment for Transformation

After the secondary education, students either who have missed the university enrolment or failed to succeed in Ordinary Level studies and failed to succeed in Advanced Level studies will be empowered towards the skill development program in order to grab their opportunities in national and international level. Simultaneously, they will be guided to pursue their higher studies as well.

* Allowing special scholarships to the one who is below the poverty level and promoting them to develop skills based technical and technological level trainings and prepare them to obtain an opportunity to explore it.
* Requesting grants from the Centre either which were initiated from the supports of ours or obtaining technical based supports from the Foundation. And also, it would be enabled to utilize them to the emerging needs of our target population.
* Ensuring the assistance to the successful investment in order to encourage the entrepreneurs and maintain the sustainability of the Training Centre.

3.1. Scholarship Scheme
3.2. Awareness Activities
3.3. Training Centre Development
3.4. Technical & Vocational Training
3.5. Sustainability Activities


Economic Development Program

Conducting women empowerment programs by centralizing woman headed families and isolated women, and to uplift their living standards as well.

* Supporting livelihood empowerment programs to enhance the economic level of the family and to sustain their living standards.
* Ensuring the suitability and healthy life to overcome the psychological impacts in the society and among the community.

4.1 Livelihood Awareness
4.2 Livelihood Assistance


Special Aid Program

Centralizing the theme towards the elders who were separated from the families due to the illness, age, poverty, etc.

* Providing special food for the elders and fulfilling the emerging needs in Elders’ home.
* Identifying the elders who were alone without families and obtaining lower income for compensating their needs. They will be provided along with clothes, and essential items as well.

5.1. Assistance to Home for The Aged
5.2. Special Aid Activities

* During the natural disasters and emergency periods, assist the victims along with needed supports and aware them how to overcome from the unexpected disasters and its consequences. Reconciliation process will be carried out to support the victims, immediately.

5.3. Relief Assistance
5.4. Rehabilitation Programmes


Green World Program

Conservation of environment, preservation of natural resources, developing natural resources, etc. will be continued to aware the future generation. This process will enable the younger generation to value the resources surrounded by.

6.1. ECO Friendly Volunteers
6.2. Tree Plantation